Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is It Time To Let It Go...?

I used to blog often, but it's been sporadic for a long time now.  I'm wondering if it's time to have my blog printed to preserve all our fun stories and pictures and then let it go permanently.  It's so easy to jump on Facebook, post pictures, cute stories, etc., there.  It seems like very few people I know still blog.  I miss the other blogs but yet I find myself forgetting about my own.

For now I thought I'd post a little update about our lives right now.  It may be the last hurrah...and it may not be.  We shall see.  And because of that, something tells me (before I even get started here), this will be a long post.  You have been warned!

Steve and I are doing great, we work, we play, the normal stuff of life.  We're going on an early anniversary celebration with Leslie and Fred to Napa for a wine tour for Labor Day.  It's our first wine tour and we're looking forward to the cooler weather in Napa.  

Our fall vacation is a simple plan this time, no cruises or trips to Florida (darn!).  We're looking forward to heading to SoCal in November to see my brother, Mark, and Steve's brother, Tom.  While in San Diego, we're going to sprint over to Yuma for a night and hope to have dinner with as many friends there as possible, a mini-reunion of sorts.  I'm hoping it works out as it would be nice to see them in person instead of just on Facebook!  And of course, there will be the pre-requisite trip to see Mickey because when you're that close, you just have to stop by and see him!

Josh and Devon are doing well.  Josh did his first Iron Man (Vineman) in July and surpassed his goals at the finish.  Seriously amazing!  His next run is a 100-mile in Oregon next month.  Yes, my son is C.R.A.Z.Y.  He will run from Saturday at 6:00 a.m. to Sunday, somewhere around the noon hour.  I'm just hoping we bring him home alive!  (I am the worrier of the family and I take that job seriously.  I admit it, and I am not ashamed!  lol)  Devon starts 1st grade this year, hard to believe.

Jamie, Mike and kids are busy, which is the best word for it because 4 children = BUSY!  The girls just started soccer again, school is coming up next week (Emily in 5th, Allyson in 1st, Rylee in Kindergarten).  Nate will be home keeping his mama company at home.  Trust me, Nate will keep her busy all by himself.  Let's just say he's inventive!  They are adding AWANA back into the mix this year so between homework, soccer and AWANA, their weeks will fly by!

The year of 2012 has been an interesting year so far.  The political and economic temps in our country seem to make the world feel a little more unsure these days.  My older brother was killed in a roadside freeway accident in May.  A co-worker's house burned to the ground early this summer, shortly after her mom passed away.  We know two people who had suicides in their families.  Steve crashed on his bicycle, badly breaking his collarbone and ribs that resulted in surgery.  He's had some medical testing going on for his cancer, which is always a little unnerving.  It left us with the thought, "What is going on these days?"  It kind of made me dread telephone calls there for awhile, it was like waiting for the other shoe to drop!

But through it all, strangely enough for ME, the worrier, I've had peace abounding most of the time. Yes, some moments were harder than others, but while it's been a stressful year, God has left me with an unusual amount of peace about it all.  (Maybe because I kept asking for it?)

The thing I rely on, count on, is that God DOES have the plan.  He knows it because it's His plan.  He told us we would have sorrow on this earth because sin and Satan reside here.  But they are not the winners of the race, He is and therefore, so are we!    

But...2012 has brought many good things too!  We enjoyed a cruise in January, we went to Disneyland with some of our grandchildren, and we've gotten to see my "sister" Nancy, my niece January and her twins more this year than normal (sometimes the circumstances weren't great, but we enjoyed being together).  Steve got his job in March after about 5 very dry years of unemployment and/or not-so-wonderful jobs, and he is in really good health for someone with cancer.  And of course, our family and friends are blessings to us, always!  

The grandkids keep us laughing all the time.  Want some examples?  (I know you do!)
Nate (2):  Let's see...Jamie found him with the key in the ignition, halfway to starting the car.  He finds screwdrivers to take apart his toys so he can ask Jamie for new batteries.  He lives to mow lawns.  He gets the lawn mower out of the shed, pulls it around to the porch, plugs the lawn mower in, and waits for daddy to come home to "help" him mow.  Often when I come over, the first thing he asks me is, "Do you have a lawn mower?  Do you have an edger?"  What 2-year old asks that??  He also loves to cook and his special tool of choice is the hand mixer.  Jamie regularly finds it in his room and now has to hide the beaters so he can't turn it on and hurt himself.  He asks to have it in his room when he goes to bed.  Seriously, this boy loves anything with a motor, and anything to do with cooking!
Rylee (5):  Rylee has already had flowers from a boy.  She plans to marry him.  :)  She is the hugger of the family.  She was sitting with her head on my shoulder awhile back and said, "I wish I could keep you, Nana."  (Uh, you can?)  Jamie had her doing the dusting the other day as they are learning the chore chart this summer.  She stopped dusting and stood there for a minute, then said, "God told me that I am not done dusting yet. I heard him because he's in my heart. So I better finish."   She loves, loves bugs.  For her birthday last week we gave her a bug house and bug watch, which are places to store her captured bugs and worms so there aren't 40 water bottles laying around outside their house with bugs in them.  Nate joins in that fun and now I'm told by Jamie that they've released several catches in the house and car.  Nothing like some beatles on the roof of your car, right?  You're welcome Jamie!  
Devon (6):  Devon is this sweet easy-going little gentlemen, until you get him together with Allyson, then they are like a double tornado!  He is also one of our more huggy grandchildren.  He has a tender heart, yet is very sure of himself.  About the time I think he's all gentlemenly and such, he'll say something that throws me.  Example you ask?  (This example is NOT complimentary to myself so I can't believe I'm using it - but I am.)  He was standing behind me to get in the car while I adjusted his booster seat.  I turn around and he said, "Nana, you have a big behind!"  Gulp!  I told him that I might indeed have a big behind, but that's not something you should say to anyone, especially a girl!  His response was, "Okay, but you do."  Oh.Wowzers.   And folks, that was the beginning of my diet!  Just Devon, being real, right?  I don't know anybody else like that, right Josh  :)

Allyson (6):  Ally is well-rounded, and I think she might do well with sports.  She caught onto swimming this summer and is a fish.  I think she'd love being on a swim team.  She loves soccer, church, school, cooking, you name it.  She is learning to cook, and she can clean and organize just like Jamie or I do, amazing!  She can be relentless with things she wants at times.  I think she could talk a turtle into a foot race with a rabbit! She is a people-pleaser overall.  Every teacher loves Ally because she works to do things well and listens to what she's told to do.  She loves to sing, out of all the kids, I think I could talk her into doing a duet with me for church or a program.  Maybe some day?    
 Emily (9):  Emily is brilliant and fact-seeking, she reminds me of the Professor on Gilligan's Island.  So much "stuff" going on in her head she's not always aware of what's happening around her.  :)  She is soft-hearted and I have never seen a girl so "okay" with helping and worrying about her sister's and brother's well-being.  She makes sure Ally and Nate DO NOT touch peanuts...or dogs...or cats... or anything else they are allergic to these days.  (Yes, we all carry epi-pens in this family!)  Like Allyson, she is learning to cook.  But unlike Allyson, she is not happy about it.  Just not her thing. One thing about Emily that I love is she sees mostly good in people.  And if you are around her at all, no matter where she is, there are 2-3 books in her arms.  She is full of facts that wouldn't have a chance at staying a full day in my brain!

So there's our August, 2012 update!  Thanks for reading!     


Mari said...

It was nice to read the update! I hope you don't permanently quit - just an occasional note will do. :)
You've had quite a year. It's these kind of things that make me wonder how people get through those times without God.
I enjoyed the grandkid updates. They are all so cute and each have their own character!
Enjoy your vacation.

Mari said...

You asked about the movie I posted about today. I think the 10 year old would for sure like it, and I think it would be ok for the 7 year old too. Good luck!

Linda said...

Hi Jenni, it's EZ's wife Linda! Thank you for your sweet email. Isn't it amazing the connection you can feel to people you have never met, like Steven and Ernie? They have been a great encouragement to one another in this battle with MM. So very thankful that chemo is not in the cards for Steven yet, thanks to his overall good health and physical condition.

I enjoyed reading your last blog entry and just realized it was a year ago. So, it appears you did stop blogging. As you may know, I have blogged so much less the past year as life became busier once Ernie's health improved, and as you said other forms of social media are less time consuming. I do hope you will post again and get us caught up! Your grandchildren are beautiful and I loved how you described each one in such detail, complete with pictures. Now that we have moved and gotten a little bit settled, I hope to pick up blogging a bit more in the future. How else can I "meet" such sweet people as you? If you all are ever in North Carolina, look us up, and we will do the same should we venture to CA.