Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Been A Year Since I've Posted..

I wasn't sure I'd post to this blog again, but since I still want to finish printing my blog before shutting it down I decided to do at least one more.  I don't think anyone checks the blog anymore, but I'll have my thoughts down on paper for the future.

Life has been as busy as usual, a few trips here and there in the last year.  In November, 2012, I was in Newport Beach with Steve on business and then we took off from there for vacation.  While in Newport Beach I was able to visit with my good friend, Anita, from my (short) days at Biola.  It had been many years since we'd seen each other so we had lots of catching up to do.  Then we visited Yuma AZ where I saw several high school friends and their spouses.  It was so fun catching up on many years gone by, and it prompted the idea for a mini reunion with 7 of us "girls" for January, 2014, in San Diego.  We are going to spend 3 nights doing whatever we want - which may include a whole lot of talking, eating, more talking, and more eating.  :)

Steve and I leave on a cruise to the Bahamas at the end of this month.  We are ready for a little get-away so it can't come too soon.  We also have a trip scheduled to Sieverville, TN in June, 2014, with Steve's sister and her husband, Leslie and Fred.  We'll all be meeting Steve's half-sister for the first time after finding her a couple of years ago.  She is 20+ years older than we are and is still a Professor at a college in Kingsport.  We'll spend the rest of the week in Sieverville at a Wyndham property, enjoying whatever TN has to offer new tourists like the four of us.

Steve and I just got back from his 2-year bone marrow biopsy follow-up, but this time the news was not as good as we had expected.  His MM has "jumped the barrier" of "smouldering," straight into full-on MM so we were told by the Nurse Practitioner that it was time for chemo treatment.  He feels great, very normal with no symptoms, so it caught us by surprise.  BUT...about two weeks later, his doctor at UCSF looked his results over and said no chemo yet.  Praising God for the answer to many prayers on his behalf!!  Per his doctor, since Steve is feeling great, has no pain or symptoms, and is living a healthy lifestyle, chemo isn't called for yet.  So we're staying in "trusting God for the outcome" mode and working on just moving along in our lives.

As usual I must do an update on my amazing grandbabies - who are mostly no longer babies, but I can still call them that - right??

Emily: I can't believe she's in 6th grade and turning 11 in December.  She's at U-Prep for her first year so it's a year of adjustment but U-Prep goes through high school so she should be there for awhile.  No more recess and she changes classes all day.  She's in concert band (flute), on the Cross-Country Team, and I've loved listening to her plan things about school with her friend, Tessa.  They've discussed whether it's important to apply make-up for school (it's not, just ask their mom's), what clothes to wear, and what to get involved in at school.  How did we reach this pre-teen age so fast??  She's grown up so much lately, and it will be another eye-blink and she'll be off with friends more than we'll see her.  The right of passage to the teen years.  She's still sweet and caring, full of things to talk about, and I love her so much!  She's in the Jr. High youth group at church and went camping with them on the coast.  I can see the rope holding her back loosening up bit by bit, has to happen but it's bittersweet.

Allyson:  Ally is in 2nd grade this year.  She is still a Soccer Queen!  She would spend all her time at sleep-over's at her friends' houses or having them over to her house if she could get away with it.  She's very independent, already does her own hair, can clean the rest of the house with the best of them and could probably bake and cook on her own with a little more instruction.  She's got a funny sense of humor, and has recently gotten her own FB account with family members so she's become quite the little communicator on email.  She's recently become a gluten-free girl to see if it solves some allergy issues and, so far, it has!  She got her own room in the house awhile ago and is loving having her own space.  She's fairly tall for her age so she seems closer to Emily's age to me than Rylee's so I have to remember sometimes - she's only 7!  She has very distinct taste in clothing and loves to shop for her clothes.  She's one of those kids who's just fun to take places, she enjoys just about everything from sports to movies to shopping.  Love this girl to pieces!

Devon: Devon is also in 2nd grade this year!  He played baseball for the first time last spring and did so well at it, it could be "his sport."  He's also in Jujitsu which, from watching him around the house, means lots of tumbling and standing on your head.  :)  He's gotten so agile since he's been taking the Jujitsu classes.  He's still a very even-keeled boy, until he's not.  (Yeah, you parents out there get this one, lol)  He feels things deeply, that boy.  He comes with a side of silliness which, according to my son, seems to come out around me a lot.  What can I say, Dev and I do silly together pretty well!  He's taken off on his bike riding and his dad is working with him on his running.  He's also on his school's Cross-Country Team.  We had the privilege last spring of going with him on his very first visit to Disneyland, which (of course) he loved!  He told me that he and Weston (his cousin) are going to be Scientists and Inventors when they grow up - he'd be the Scientist, and Weston the Inventor - and they'd work together as a team.  Watch out world!  Love this kiddo!

Rylee: Ry is still Little Miss Spitfire with a side of Total Sweetness.  She's still all girl when it comes to wearing only skirts and leggings with sparkly shirts.  She loves music and I can always count on Rylee and Ally to sing in the car with me as we're driving along.  She can disarm you with her sweet logic at any moment.  She's a bit picky about eating, especially any meats,  so recently my her mom had this conversation with her after reminding her that she wasn't to say she didn't like something at the dinner table (yet again):  "Well...my self likes it but my tongue doesn't like it. So when I say I don't like something, it's my tongue saying it but my self actually likes it."  Ha!  She's still our huggy, lovey girl, always telling me how special I am, that "I'm the best," etc.  Funny girl!  She is in 1st grade this year and just had her 6th birthday, but she's still an itty-bitty blondie girl.  Her smile and her dimples make it hard to discipline her for sure!  I love every little inch of this girl!  

Nathan:  Nathan, oh that boy!  He is the cutest, sweetest mix of trouble you can hope to meet!  He started Pre-School this year which is good because he's more than ready.  He already seems like he should be a Kindergartner!  Being the 4th child, he's been able to observe all the (ahem!) great things his sisters do so he's basically 3 years, going on 23 years old!  He has no trouble getting the job done, whatever it may be, with no help - of course about half the time that's because he's doing something he really shouldn't be doing.  Like cutting the bushes with scissors...riding his bike out of the neighborhood alone...pulling up the stool to the stove to cook... and more.  He has a fair amount of stubbornness to him, yet his comments are so funny and sweet, it's really hard to be upset with him.  He uses logic fairly well for 3 years of age, so he comes out with things that are surprising.  He's our youngest grandchild and is still at an age where it's special to sit on my lap, give hugs, and be silly with me.  I wouldn't change a thing about this little guy, he's the perfect mix of boy meets adventure!

So that completes the update on these amazing kids!  We have much to look forward to in our lives and one thing God has shown me in the last few years is to enjoy TODAY.  God will take care of our tomorrows.  I realize how blessed I am to have a wonderful family, and to have them all live close enough that we have a front row seat for the show!  I don't take it lightly and thank God everyday for this blessing!


Mari said...

I'm still here! I was happy to see a post pop up from you and I sure enjoyed the update on the grandkids. They are all adorable! Thanking God with you for the second report on Steve. Wonderful news!
PS - don't shut down completely. I would miss you. :(