Friday, October 25, 2013

Connecting on Facebook Causes Me To Plan Trips!

I think we're finally in a routine again after our "Chevy Chase Vacation!"  Things are back to normal and I'm liking it!

The weather is slowly (and I mean slowly) changing over to fall.  I'm ready for rain and the cold weather to arrive!  I love the gold and red leaves, the cool crisp air and the closet filled with fall sweaters and leggings.  I'm ready to make soups and stews, and to let a roast with veggies to slow cook in the oven again.

Although Facebook has caused many bloggers in my circle to stop blogging, I love being on Facebook.  I've made so many connections with friends, even family members, that we normally only wrote to in Christmas cards each year.  I've reconnected with many people from high school and my church youth group.  I'm one of those people who love hearing about their lives and feeling that connection again.  I may never see some of them in person as they're spread throughout the U.S., but Facebook lets you feel connected.

One problem with it is it makes me want to plan trips to go visit many of them.  Last November I had the privilege of seeing my good college friend, Anita, in Newport Beach.  We had a whole day to catch up, a very special time!  Then we went to Yuma, AZ to see several good friends from high school.  It was our Facebook connection that prompted those visits to happen.

Steve and I are going to San Diego in December to see our nephew, Jonathon, graduate from Marine Corp boot camp. We are so proud of him, he's wanted to join the Marines since he was little and he never lost his focus.  I hear he's doing amazing at it, no surprise there!

In January, I'm back to San Diego for a Yuma Girls reunion with six good (dare I say, old) friends from  high school.  These were the girls I hung out with daily at school, and most of them were in my church youth group too.  A couple of them even hung out in a graveyard with me one night after church, in our  choir dresses.  (Yes, that's a story unto itself.)  We are spending three nights in San Diego doing absolutely nothing but catching up, I am looking forward to it so much!

In late May, we're flying to Nashville with Leslie and Fred (Steve's sister and hubby).  We'll spend a day at a battlefield there, then drive to Sieverville to a Wyndham property we're staying at for the week.  We'll be driving up to Kingsport for church and lunch to meet Steve's half sister, Faye, and her family for the first time!  They found each other through Jamie's sister-in-law (Tricia), and we can't wait to talk in person!  Then we'll head back to Sieverville for the week, agenda is TBA!  Then back to Nashville to see the Grand Ol' Opry before heading home again.  I think we're going to a BBQ place featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Take-Outs.  Anyone know another "not to miss" place we should hit before we leave?

Somewhere in there I really have a desire to plan a week in Phoenix.  I haven't been to visit my sister's and niece's families for a long time, we need some good quality time together.  And while I'm there I have cousins that I've reconnected with on Facebook so I'd love to spend time with each of the getting caught up.  These cousins were like siblings to us growing up, our mom's were twins so we spent lots of time together.  Sad how life and distance pulled us all so far apart, but thankfully, Facebook has reconnected us again!  I have a good friend in Phoenix too, so adding it all up I know I'd need a week to see everyone!

Now to find more vacation time at work to accommodate all of this planning!

In November Steve and I will be driving over to UCSF to consult with his oncologist.  As most of you know, his cancer (Multiple Myeloma) moved from the "smoldering" stage to active cancer.  He has no real symptoms other than some anemia, no pain, and no damage so far.  His oncologist told us through the Nurse Practitioner "no treatment needed yet," but we are meeting with him to find out what this all means.  Like, when does he need treatment?  What are we watching for?  We have many questions so we're hoping to come away with a better idea of the plan for the next year as we keep an eye on things.

Oh yes - the grandkids!  Can't forget to say at least something about them, right?  We are taking family pictures in Redding this Sunday so I will finally have a new blog header picture.  The current picture is well over four years old!

All the kids are doing well, I won't take time to give an individual rundown.  They are finished with track for the fall, and soccer is just about over with one game left.  Then basketball will start, along with  more soccer and baseball next spring.  The older girls are living in a world of sleep-overs with friends so the (somewhat regular) Friday night sleep-overs at our house are slowly changing to include the younger two but not the older two as often.  They're growing up and while I miss the days of them always coming over, it's fun to watch them form great friendships.

As you can see, life is busy but blessed in our world and we love the life and those that God has given us!


Mari said...

I love connecting with people on FB too. It's so nice to keep in touch with those you wouldn't get to talk to otherwise.
You have lots of travel plans - sounds fun!
Glad you're staying on top of things with Steve's treatment and I hope the appointment goes well.
Looking forward to that new picture!